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Make money part-time

You can supplement your income with serious extra income each month. Internet entrepreneurs often earn their money part-time. They maintain a real job, and only work on net projects on the weekend or late at night.

Learn from real details

With eMarket, you will learn about all aspects of product selection, web site development tools, outsourcing options, order fulfillment gateways, etc. I'll focus your attention on what works now, what doesn't, and what is passed prime. As an added bonus, you'll get tidbits of information I've learned from my day job as a product marketing manager for an international Fortune 500 firm. There is a specific chapter dedicated to offline marketing chapter, which grounds and complements Internet marketing.1 tenth what the author could get to give a 1 hour speech on the topics in this book.

In depth analysis and end-to-end market planning

As a result of the educational background and work experience, there is a no bull writing style to this book. It doesn't claim to make anyone a millionaire. It does however develop your own marketing knowledge base such that you stand the chance to profit online, at work, or wherever you are engaged in commerce and marketing. You learn both marketing theory and practice. You learn how to select product, how to identify the market opportunity for your product ideas, how to develop your website and ordering system, how to market online, how and when to market offline, how to profit from search engines, and more. There are chapters devoted to each one of these topics.

Real examples and detailed figures

  • 150 pages of text, 6 x 9 inches meaning that this is not a fly-by-night book
  • Over 50 footnotes proving this book is well researched
  • Over 100 URL addresses to get you jump started
  • Money back guarantee for 90 full days from day of order
  • Over 25 figures which help analyze ordering systems, webhosts and other choices
  • Search engine optimization techniques up-to-date with the Google Florida and Yahoo's new slurp bot
  • Analyst caliber reporting of the entire online marketplace from Ebay to B2B
  • Competitive analysis and product picking ideas which will open your mind

Start earning money today!

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  • You can request a Microsoft word or HTML version of the book upon purchase if necessary.
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