Fileshare: Peer to peer system that permits users to share files from their harddisks. Fileshare systems allow download files from other peoples PCs. They are commonly used for multimedia file sharing. Below we list some popular clients. Above we offer a web-based search into the popular gnutella network. However, many times the web interface does not function and practically never does it permit you to download files. Try Surfy! Audio, Surfy! Classic, or download one of these clients instead.

Surfy hears that Morpheus by MusicCity is the best program out there at the moment. It takes up a lot of memory but seems to produce good results.
Cost: Free.   Operating System: Microsoft Windows. Download

A high quality Gnutella-based Windows progam written in Java. The Java code can make this program seem a bit clunky but it does work fine we hear and certainly covers many operating systems.
Cost: Free.   Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun, Mac. Download

High quality Gnutella-based Windows progam.
Cost: Free.   Operating System: Microsoft Windows. Download Web Email - Free for Life      Surfy! - Home of the $9.95 ISP

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