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El Camino

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October 14, 2019 News:

Aaron Paul improvised Jesse's iconic 'Breaking Bad' line in movie sequel 'El Camino'

‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’: Not Completely Necessary, Still Pretty Great

‘El Camino’: Aaron Paul on Why Recreating a ‘Breaking Bad’ Scene Was the Movie’s Toughest Moment

‘El Camino’ is a reminder that Walter White saved Jesse Pinkman, but Netflix might have saved both of them

Vince Gilligan's Original El Camino Ending Likely Would've Enraged Breaking Bad Fans

El Camino: is the Breaking Bad movie worth the wait? Discuss with spoilers

‘El Camino’ Composer Dave Porter on Returning to the World of ‘Breaking Bad’

Aaron Paul on Jesse Pinkman’s ‘Heartbreaking’ Reunion With Walter White in ‘El Camino’

'El Camino': 'Breaking Bad' creator explains how that major character returned