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May 25, 2022 News:

Halsey Calls Out Lawmakers Who ‘Protect Guns Over Our Youth’: ‘It’s Despicable’

Halsey Encourages Voter Registration After The Uvalde School Shooting: ‘Lawmakers Protect Guns Over Our Youth’

Halsey Calls Out US Lawmakers for Protecting Guns Over Children

Halsey slams her label for blocking the release of her new song unless it goes viral on TikTok: 'I wish this was a joke'

Halsey Opens Up About Record Label Pressure to Release “Viral TikTok Moment” Before Music

Artists and Fans Rally Around Halsey as TikTok-Label Debate Continues

Halsey says she felt 'so connected' to her Disney World waiter before learning he had 2 tattoos inspired by her music

Halsey Claims Label Won’t Release New Song Unless They ‘Fake a Viral Moment on TikTok’

Halsey says their label won’t let them release a new song unless they make a viral TikTok

Halsey’s Former Label Supports The Singer As Their Current Label Allegedly Withholds A New Single